Monday, August 9, 2010

'axis & allies'

(early july. number 5.)

This Secret Restaurant was inspired by our very own cultural heritages, which just so happen to be, at their most simplified: German, Polish, English. It was a "wear it loud and proud" honoring of our European immigrant forefathers. And what would a WWII dinner be without Italian and French thrown in there too?

course 1:

• Vichyssoise- Chilled Potato and Leek Soup

With lots of extra fennel

• Pierogi– 3 [Kale/Kraut, Artichoke/Adele. Buttermilk Mashed Potato/Garlic]

Half circular dumplings of unleavened dough, stuffed with above fillings, boiled then pan fried until golden brown. Adele is a sheep and cow milk cheese made near Portland.

• Rettichsalat– Shaved radish salad w/cider vinegar, walnut oil, chives, and dill.

course 2:

• Pie– Porcini/Morel Mushroom 'Black Pudding' with grilled 'Game Sausage' and Zucchini. Shortcrust pastry bottom + Bubble & Squeak top.

The creation of this pie was to share and celebrate the flavors of classic English entrees, most of which get a bad rap in the food world, and virtually non of which are commonly made vegetarian.

Pie crust: accented with fresh sage.
Bottom layer: Pseudo "black" or "blood" pudding, created with mushrooms, rye bread crumbs, yellow onions, fresh garlic, red wine, mustard, herbs, and 'game sausage.'
Second layer: Lightly sauteed summer zucchini
Third layer: Morel mushrooms in mushroom gravy
Forth layer: Porcini mushroom slices sauteed in butter
Top crust: "Bubble & Squeak" a cabbage/potato fritter seasoned with sea salt & black pepper.
Topping: Orange and black figs, Neil's Yard raw milk cheddar, and pickled green tomato.

• Mussolini's Trousers– Fresh sardine, roasted elephant garlic cloves, and fresh bing cherries

The fish was salted with large mexican sea salt crystals, broiled, then crisped in flames, on a skewer.

• Kale Kraut fermented marriage of cabbage and dino kale.

• German Jewelbox– Selection of pickled curiosities (peppercorns and red grapes, carrots, snow peas), wholegrain mustard, herb and flower salad.