Sunday, June 26, 2011


(late may. number 18.)

In this phase of fusion dinners, we've been joking a lot about what silly, one-word, all-lowercase names we could have. 
This time, it was asiopé

The idea? Dishes inspired by Asian cuisines, but with a European flavor profile. 
A little silly, potentially? Yes. 
Did it work? We think so.

To Drink:

Earl Grey Booze On Earl Grey Rocks

We infused, sun-tea style, like last time, our "house basic booze" (Monopolawa Austrian potato vodka) with an extra citrus-style earl grey tea, as well as lemon twists, some lavender flowers, lavender oil, and a few douglas fir tips (for some local flavor). 
We made large batches of sweetened earl grey iced tea, and turned some of it (before the diluting stage) into ice cubes. Guests placed a cube or two in their cups, then poured their vodka through a teapot-shaped strainer, and mixed it with the straight ice tea.