Saturday, July 28, 2012

Magnolias & Morels

(late may. number 30.)

This dinner was a result of a late night session in Hannah's kitchen– where we ate a bunch of rhubarb betty, drank tea, and attempted to scrawl down ideas as they came to us. We were both a little bit sleepy and out of it. Perhaps this is why we ended up with  three ludicrously ambitious and rich entree items on the same plate. And then followed it with mousse. All I can say is that it was intense to both prepare and eat, but worth it. 

To Drink

Rhubarb Vanilla Spritzer
Rhubarb slow roasted with vanilla beans and honey, turned into a syrup and mixed with rum, white wine, and tonic water. Served in champagne flutes.

On The Table

Caramelized Onion Country Bread
Tartine method, as usual– but actually my own recipe for the variation. The taste/texture of Fressen's Caramelized Onion Rye inspired me to figure out how to properly incorporate onions into the bread. The response was very positive. 

Served with black pepper/lemon salt whipped butter. 


Shaved radish & ribboned asparagus salad.
Dressed with grapefruit vinaigrette made by amending a ruby grapefruit gastrique with oil and additional white wine vinegar. Garnished with turnip greens turned into chips, sort of like the kale chips we made this fall. Sprinkled with dried lemon zest and lemon pepper. 


Lobster bisque, morel macaroni & cheese, spring turnip knisch. 

Bisque– Miripoix, blitzed, reduced lobster cooking broth, Newman's prepared fish broth (Halbut bones), freshest lobster meat, cream, tarragon, thyme. 

Mac & cheese– Super intense molecular gastronomy slam venture entirely credited to Hannah. Some crazy ass powder from The Modernist Kitchen, which makes the flavor of cheeses completely explosive. Featuring mild young gouda, wisconsin medium cheddar, oregon aged white cheddar, and aged gouda. Black truffle shaved in. and topped with a broiled morel mushroom.

Spring turnip knisch– those delicate, white, delicious turnips that not nearly enough people know to love, baked slowly in butter and herbs. Folded together with pan-caramelized spring onions and fennel, topped with chĂ©vre, then wrapped up in pastry roses. 

Cold press coffee interlude. 


Honey lavender mousse
Guest-chefed by Rachel McDevitt, our 3rd cook Hannah's sister, who is a pastry chef at Grand Central. Delicate and delicious. Served in tiny ramekens with lavender flowers and honey drizzle. 

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  1. Hi, my husband and I are taking a one night trip to Portland on September 2nd to celebrate our one year anniversary. We're both food lovers and appreciate the craft of food. We'll love to partake one of the meals. Please let me know if there's any openings on 9/2. Thanks, Emily